Artist Statement

My name is Lindeka Qampi. Lindeka is derived from "Linda" which means "to wait" in xhosa and also describes approach to my documentation process.


My eye is always attracted by my experiences, feelings, emotions and my expression through the lens. Photography came by accident. My family background makes it easier to communicate with all ages, traditions and different cultures through my lens.

Inkanyiso media  and I -- as a family -- play a big role in the fight against homophobia and xenophobia amongst our black Africans and the fight for equal rights for all. We are using Visual Activism as a tool for abolishing rape and murder within the LGBT movement in our communities. We are all one family crying together, sharing awareness and fighting crime through photography as a tool of activism.

I capture different daily lives in the different communities of Cape Town in order for us to share our lives and be happy in all situations. The home is a major tool for showing government their lack of awareness of the limited space around our communities, as the home is a necessity for all. Learning and activism play a big role towards a better nation and breaking down the syndrome of judging each other. Sharing time as a historical documentation for the future.

My first documentary series was totally unplanned. I was in the streets of Khayelitsha and recognized the sounds associated with a traditional initiation ceremony. I introduced myself to the group and asked permission to photograph. The results really impressed and encouraged me to continue with photography and make it my career. I have never looked back.

A narrated and illustrated description of my work

© 2020 Lindeka Qampi

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